About Me

Ollo, people!  I'm Millie Dixon and I'm a Jersey girl, through and through.  I certainly don't pump my own gas, that's for sure.  I'm a performer, I write, and I sleep.  I can pretty much do everything except draw.  So if you ask me to draw something, don't be surprised if I growl at you or something.

Interesting Facts About Me:

1) I'm an Indie music kind of person.
2) Mumford and Sons is my favorite band, followed up by Imagine Dragons, Florence + the Machine, and Band of Horses.
3) I have four cats.  CRAZY CAT LADY ALERT! *sirens wail*
4) I cry at the end of a whole bunch of books, The Hunger Games being the first induce those tears.
5) I'm tres awkward.
6) Writing while I listen to music makes me all wordy.
7) I'm arachnophobic because spiders and I never got on to a good start.
8) I have an awesome memory.
9) I love Disney movies.
10) I'm addicted to Twitter and Tumblr, like hardcore addicted.
11) My heart swoons over accents. (i.e British, Irish, or Scottish)
12) And finally, Doctor Who has stolen my heart!

This is me!

Favorite Quote?: "That's how we role in the Shire." -Leonard from the Big Bang Theory
Favorite Movie?: Sherlock Holmes, the one with Robert Downey Jr., Tangled, Cloud Atlas, and Frozen because I'm indecisive.


  1. Hiii. I'm now a proud follower of your blog. :D

    I came across your blog on through your interview with Justin and absolutely loved your answers! Seeing your blog in the flesh (so to speak) made me want to join even more. I love what you've put on this post specifically. #5 - I'm the exact same. #8 - I'm the exact opposite. #9 - absolutely hilarious and also pretty cool. I live in London, England and therefore have a British accent. Plus I love your quote from Big Bang!

    Nice to meet you!
    Reading Under the Stars

  2. Found you and your blog thanks to my friend Evie! It's awesome Millie!
    Cheers nice to meet you,

  3. love the design of your blog! following you on bloglovin.


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