Friday, March 2, 2012

And So a New Legend Begins...

Not the best pun, I know.  But, just recently I finished reading Legend by Marie Lu and I can't help but think of some corny pun for the title.
So just like Jessica Spotswood, I met Marie Lu at the Breathless Tour.  She was a very creative and artsy person(Oh, and I checked out her blog and art gallery, so that's why I know.)  Anyhow, I thought this book was just as amazing as Born Wicked.  I'm not one to go for dystopian books because I feel like the world the characters will eventually turn into reality and it scares me.  But with this dystopian book, I didn't get the "WE HATE THE GOVERNMENT" feel because the one character, June, actually lives within the Republic, and she aspires to be a genius super-fighter for them. 
And then there's Day.  He's the other half of this book, and we get to see what the world is like through his eyes since Legend has an alternating point of view.  He's only fifteen, but he's a boy whose got a lot of crimes behind him and his masterful criminal mind.  He lives in the slums of the Republic.  He lives out on the street, even though his mother and brothers are alive and they have a home and all.  But he's got his friend, Tess, to accompany him throughout his adventures.
The books starts off with Day the suspected murderer of Metias, June's older brother who works for the military.  Out of anger and vengeance, June begins her search for him out on the streets, disguised as any other 'street con'.  Things get complicated, though, and since this is a romance novel, I think you can put the rest together.
But overall, the book really wasn't what I expected it to be.  I have to admit myself, I am one of those that will judge a book by its cover.  It's hard not to.  We all make judgements based upon looks, no matter what the situation is.  I'm glad I did pick this book up.  Super, uber glad.  This was a book with lots and lots of potential, and it has a great story to tell.  There were surprises around every turn, and I found myself seated at the very edge of my chair, my body stiff, as I read.  It was not what I expected, especially not from a debut author, but I think it's a good thing that I didn't expect certain aspects from it because it left me stunned and craving for more.  I can't wait until Book Two of this comes out.
Thank you, Marie Lu for your awesome book!

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