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Transparent by Natalie Whipple

Transparent by Natalie Whipple
Genre: YA Paranormal
Expected Publication: May 21st, 2013
Publisher: HarperTeen
Page Count: 368

Plenty of teenagers feel invisible. Fiona McClean actually is.

An invisible girl is a priceless weapon. Fiona’s own father has been forcing her to do his dirty work for years—everything from spying on people to stealing cars to breaking into bank vaults.

After sixteen years, Fiona’s had enough. She and her mother flee to a small town, and for the first time in her life, Fiona feels like a normal life is within reach. But Fiona’s father isn’t giving up that easily.

Of course, he should know better than anyone: never underestimate an invisible girl.

*A review copy was provided from the publisher*

I had heard nothing of this book going into it.  Absolutely nothing.  I didn't know what to expect, but the idea of an invisible girl escaping from this villainous father of hers sounded interesting.  And the cover, too, is just gorgeous.  So as you can probably tell, I was excited to start reading this one. 

All her life, Fiona has tried her best to appease her father and make him notice her--even if she is invisible.  But when he asks her to do some certain thing, let's just say it's nice to know that morals and humanity are a good thing to have, and Fiona and her mother leave.  For some reason, I really loved Fiona's character.  She was strong, broken, and honest with herself for the most part.  She was also very argumentative, but it wasn't bothersome.  More than anything, it was very entertaining to read about.  She does have her flaws, but they mostly involve her either not trusting someone, which was understandable, or not being able to forgive, which was also understandable.  She wore her heart on her sleeve and cared deeply for her family and friends.  Her only wish is that someone could see her and love her for who she is.

Things were very X-Men is this book.  Fiona's invisible.  Her friends all have these wacky abilities like super strength, seeing in the dark, voice amplification, and much more.  Her one brother can freaking fly!  I thought that this idea for a book was so cool, and I loved being introduced to all of these super powers.  There's this black market drug that helps increase the super power of a person, and that's where Fiona's dad comes into play.

I pretty much loved everything about this book.  The plot was evenly paced--if a little slow here and there--and I loved all of the characters.  Well . . . at least the good ones.  Whipple really captured the love that a family has for one another and the love that can be extended to the most unlikely of choices.  Fiona grew as a character and that learning experience for her was so fascinating for me to read about.  My heart was putty in my hands by the end of the book.  I can't wait for others to read this book because the story was fantastic, the characters were so unique and dimensional, and there is just so much love.

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  1. ooh this book sounds kick-butt! I never knew her friends had super powers too!! I have this book for review and I'm really glad you were able to enjoy it! Great review!
    - Farah @ MajiBookshelf

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed this one! I haven't heard much about it, but it is coming up on my TBR list. Good to know it's enjoyable.

    YA Sisterhood


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