Friday, April 5, 2013

Splintered Read-A-Thon Wrap-Up

Whew!  What an amazing and heart-pounding ending to this book!  I hoped that Splintered would be good, but it surpassed my expectations.  I am so glad that Monica and I hosted this read-a-thon, because Splintered is one book you don't want to miss out on reading.

So here's what all happened.

Jeb and Alyssa attempt to ride their makeshift skateboards across this fissure in the ground, but fail.  Turns out Alyssa's got wings, but has to abandon Jeb and gets kidnapped by these ugly creature things.  Alyssa meets Twid Sisters One and Two, gets Red's soul trapped in hers, and receives Chessie's smile.

Alyssa travels through a mirror portal to the castle and discovers some ugly truths about Morpheus, like the fact that Alyssa is only in Wonderland to perform these tests to become queen so that he can be free of a curse that was invoked on him through Deathspeak when Queen Red was dying.  So in all, the whole Liddell curse was sham. BOOSH.

Alyssa braves herself for the final test which is to distract the jabberwock long enough to put Chessie back into one piece and retrieve the vorpal sword.  Things happen where we all discover that Jeb sacrificed himself for Alyssa to escape out of Wonderland and that Morpheus never planned on letting Alyssa go.  But Alyssa has that tear wish thing that the ferret had gifted her with and she wishes that she had never opened the door for Jeb before she ventured to Wonderland.

However, she's still in the same situation she was in, only Jeb isn't with her and Morpheus knows what she did.  Now, the Red King has his head bobbing like an apple in water in that box because he saved Grenadine.  They all leave and--WHAM--Queen Red's soul comes to life--vines and all--and tries to take over Alyssa's body.  Obviously, Alyssa aint' having any of this, and fights off Red until all those vines and stuff are out of her body. (Which was extremely gross!)

But things aren't over yet, because Red decides to take over the jabberwock's body instead and gobbles up Morpheus.  Alyssa ties a few loose ends in Wonderland, and returns to the real world.  She decides to keep her netherling wings and wicked awesome eye bling, but they fade when in the human world, so the idea that she'll have to return to Wonderland is always with her.  Alyssa goes straight to her mother at the asylum and tells her that the entire Liddell curse was fake and that she can stop pretending that she's all crazy.

She goes home and awakes to the news that Jeb and Tailor broke up--on prom night no less!  Jeb doesn't remember anything that went on in Wonderland at all, which was a bit saddening, but whatcha gonna do?  He invites Alyssa to go to London with him, and while I don't ship them, I may have gotten all warm inside because JEB COULD FINALLY SEE WHAT WAS IN FRONT OF HIM HIS ENTIRE LIFE.  It was a nice ending to a fantastic story!  I loved it so much!

Thanks to everyone that participated in this!  The Twitter chat was so much fun, and I hope that the winners will enjoy their new goodies!  I hope everyone else enjoyed the book as much as I did!

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