Sunday, May 13, 2012

Review: Illuminate by Aimee Agresti

Before I got this book, I heard a lot of good reviews on it.  Plus, the cover is absolutely gorgeous--and possibly is the most accurate when comparing it to the content.
Haven Terra’s soul is in danger, but only she can save herself. Brainy, shy high school outcast Haven can’t believe her luck when she’s recruited for a prestigious internship at a historic hotel in Chicago, under the leadership of powerful and alluring Aurelia Brown, dashing Lucian Grove and their stunning but aloof staff of glamazons. But just as she becomes seduced by their glitzy and mysterious world, Haven uncovers the evil agenda at the hotel: they’re devils in the business of buying souls. And hers is the most valuable of all: she’s an angel in training and the devils aim to turn her to their side. Will they succeed in wooing her or will she battle back, summoning a strength she never knew she had? Helping her along the way: a mysterious book instructing her to believe in herself; and her budding friendship with soft-spoken classmate Lance, who has a secret of his own.

I'll start off by saying that I loved, loved, loved this book.  In my head, there's a bunch of floating and girlie hearts hanging around this book.  The love for it I have is strong.  It was amazing.  I'm having a hard time explaining how I thought this book was amazing.  There simply aren't words to describe.
I didn't at first know what to think when I heard it takes place in a hotel.  It was a weird and random place to house the characters.  But when I began to read it, I didn't really care.  Not only that, but the hotel was actually a good place for the book.  It suited it well, besides the whole this-takes-place-at-a-hotel.  Enough if this.
Haven was just an awesome heroine.  She was down to earth and smart.  She worked hard for what she wanted and she never gave up.  Her friend, Dante, was an absolute delight, and I couldn't help but smile every time he appeared on page.  He was my favorite.  And Lance, he was one I learned to love.  He was shy and nerdy and always was there for Haven.
And then there was Lucian.  Somebody fan me, please, 'cause he was steamier than chicken enchiladas drowned in the hottest hot sauce on Earth.  So that is a bit of an exaggeration, but he was Mr. Smokey Pants in this book.  He was rip-off-his-clothes, drool-worthy hot with a side of awesome.  I must apologize for sounding like a complete and utter shallow, ditsy fangirl.  That's totally out of character for me.
A lot happens in Illuminate.  There's plenty of mystery and darkness and deceit.  There was swoon-worthy moments along with heart-breaking ones.  Also, I was glad it didn't make me cry.  And this hotel was, indeed, a dark and creepy place with plenty of secrets hidden in its bowels. 
It was nothing like what I expected it to be.  It was fabulous.  I gave it five out five stars, if you didn't already figure out that I love was deep for Illuminate.  I highly suggest all readers to pick this one up.  My attention never was adverted and I tried to finish it as fast as I could.  Love, it is strong for this one.
Happy reading, lovelies!

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