Friday, November 2, 2012

Don't Turn Around by Michelle Gagnon

The Synopsis:
Sixteen-year-old Noa has been a victim of the system ever since her parents died. Now living off the grid and trusting no one, she uses her computer-hacking skills to stay safely anonymous and alone. But when she wakes up on a table in an empty warehouse with an IV in her arm and no memory of how she got there, Noa starts to wish she had someone on her side.

Enter Peter Gregory. A rich kid and the leader of a hacker alliance, Peter needs people with Noa's talents on his team. Especially after a shady corporation called AMRF threatens his life in no uncertain terms.

But what Noa and Peter don't realize is that Noa holds the key to a terrible secret, and there are those who'd stop at nothing to silence her for good.

Fans of "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" will devour the story of Noa, a teen soul mate to Lisbeth Salander.

My Thoughts:
I was so excited when I first caught wind of this book and my expectations for it did not fall flat.  This book was awesome!  Hackers!  Government Sekrit Stuff!  It's like this book had my name printed on it somewhere.  All I knew is that I had to get my hands on this book.  It's safe to say I devoured it.

Almost instantly, I liked Noa's character.  She was strong, mentally and physically, smart and cunning, and independent to a fault almost (key word: almost).  I love how she goes from this very non-confrontational-looking girl into a semi-less non-confrontational-looking girl.  Noa was hardened by her life in the in foster care system and on her own.  She was admirable and her determination was solid.

And can we just take a moment here to admire the cover?  I love it!  So original and creepy.

Every character, I felt, that was introduced were all dimensional.  Nobody was flat and they all brought different personalities into the story, making me connect with them.  And I will say this, that connection ran deep for me with some of the characters, fortunately but unfortunately.

Story wise, I also enjoyed it!  It was filled to the brim with mystery and bad guys with plenty of action to keep the book moving at a healthy pace.  And the position that Noa was put in would have made me break down and cry with all of the stress.  I don't consider myself a baby, but--geez-- I would not have been able to handle all the things that happened in the book as flawlessly as Noa.

My only issue I had with this book was the lack of romance.  Usually when a book doesn't have romance in it, I don't mind.  It's no biggie.  I think that YA needs some books that don't include romance in it because not all teenagers have flings or find their true love at sixteen.  But for some reason, I was shipping Peter and Noa--hard.  And nothing really went on.  What I'm really hoping for is that in the next book there be a little more something-something.  I mean, this isn't a deal breaker or anything, but it was just one of those things.

And I might as well add that I thought Peter was such a sweetheart.  I liked his character.

Don't Turn Around was a thrilling story about a boy and a girl trying to escape the grasp of evil hands.  Never a dull moment, the story was written, and the adventuring duo created.  Don't Turn Around was masterfully written, bringing readers into a world full of the Evil and the Underdogs.  If you're interested in exciting thrillers, Don't Turn Around is the one for you.

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  1. I don't know ..I think I saw a "Made for Kristen" note somewhere in the back. ;)

    Ah, dude. I have this on my shelf and IT SOUNDS SO GOOD and all the components I look for in a book! Character's with depth, awesome plot and story but oh no. NO ROMANCE!? My I lub it ...crap. CRAP. Crap ..fine. You know what? I'll deal with it and yes! The cover is definitely original and creepy!

    Ha! Government Sekrit Stuff ..yup, I have feeling I'll fall in love with this too.


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