Thursday, November 1, 2012


I feel that this gif accurately depicts how happy and thankful I am that things turned out relatively okay here.  My cat (incidentally, her name is Sandy) wreaked havoc upon the coast and luckily, my house was left pretty unscathed, besides a monster tree that fell in my backyard.  And even though my all the streets to my house flooded, my home didn't flood.  Unfortunately, my cat took out the power for about a day and a half, but then also took out my cable so I had no WiFi, which then led to no WoW post this week or the discussion post I was planning on, or any reviews whatsoever.

But I have internet now! (as in I just got it back today!)  And this all makes me very, very, very happy.  Hence the flailing.  So, everybody, be prepared for lots of reviews!  There will be many.

~A very alive Millie

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  1. I THOUGHT YOU WERE DEAD! ;D So glad you are okay .. flooding, seriously? At least nothing too severe happened :)


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