Thursday, April 5, 2012

Something Different

Welcome, Caller, This is Chloe was another book that I had got on NetGalley.  It's not a book I'd initially pull off the shelf since it doesn't have any action, blood, sweat, and tears.  But this book was intriguing in its own unique ways.
The book starts off with Chloe getting back to school after winter break.  Her new guidance counselor persistently gets her attention just to tell her that she failed her JISP.  And, she finds out that her BF(NOT her boyfriend, but her BEST friend.  I was kind of confused in the beginning there when she introduced Brie.) hates her for some reason that she can't understand and doesn't know about. 
Chloe's attitude in the beginning really bothered me.  She was ignorant, kept on talking about her shoes, and complained how her life was terrible.  As the story progressed, though, I feel as if she opened herself to the world around her and learned that listening is sometimes better than talking--which she does a lot of.  But, that was how the story was supposed to go, so it was a good thing I didn't like her in the beginning.  It was a different twist to all the books we read nowadays.  This book was a perfect example of how a character learns their lesson and improves their attitude.
On a negative note, I felt as if the story at times moved too slow.  That could be just because I like my action books, but that's how I felt about it. 
I'd put Duncan, the steamy boy interest in this book, as the YA crush of the month.  I just loved his quiet personality and stubby scarves with the lopsided hearts!  You couldn't help but fall in love with him.  He was just adorable and he has quite a story to tell, even though he is a very quiet kid.
Then, for Chloe to get a good grade on her JISP, she joins the school's radio station, a small building that nobody really even knows exists.  At first, nobody likes her because she talks too much and isn't like them.  I totally got that.  The radio kids are a bunch of school misfits that find refuge in the quiet station.  And I loves all of those radio kids.  They all had different personalities, and they all meshed into this tiny community that brought together an entire radio station that nobody ever hears.
Lastly, I loved Chloe's connection with her grandmother.  Her grandmother, or Grams, is reaching her older years and has Parkinson's disease.  I personally know what it's like to what a family member you love go through the stages of Parkinson's, and trust me, it's not easy.  And no matter what, Chloe tries her best to be there for her grandmother, through the good and bad times.  It melted my heart every time Grams and Chloe interacted with each other.  They were so close, and Grams made a great character in the book.
This book was about hope and love and growing as a person.  I loved it, and I'll give it four stars.  Seems as if I'm on a four-start-streak here!

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