Sunday, January 6, 2013

TV Series Goals and Why BBC Is Ruining My Life

If any of you don't know, I have a fandom blog on Tumblr, and I spend a lot of time on there reblogging many bookish things and non-bookish things.  This includes British television series.  And I don't even watch these shows, but after seeing a whole bunch of praise and love for them, I'm very curious about what they're all about.

As part of reaching my goal, I've begun to watch this series, starting with Nine (the Ninth Doctor).  I believe I'm only 10 episodes in, but I love it!  Maybe it's the accents, but there's all these alien-ness and space adventure and time travel aspects that just make it so interesting. 
And once I finish watching the rest of the series (there are 83 episodes in all), I plan on watching:

Okay, so Supernatural isn't BBC, but I still want to watch it.  The show is about these two brothers, the Winchesters, that work together to beat dark forces, and this show is also very weird.  I've only seen two episodes (that were on TV and not from the beginning), but I'd still like to watch it.

And this brings me to this series.

This show is BBC and is about Sherlock Holmes and John Watson.  Besides the fact that I'm a huge Sherlock fan in general, Benedict Cumberbatch, I hear, plays a perfect and quirky Sherlock.  Also, Martin Freeman is in it.  Of course I'm going to watch it.

And let's not forget

Come on.  Look how cute he is!  This BBC show is about Merlin and Prince Arthur and other than that, I don't know much, but it's still on my To-Watch List.

And that's it, really, for my TV series goals!  BBC, bring on All The Feels!


  1. Ok, so being the absolute nerd that I am, I don't watch much TV. I'd rather read. =P But all three of these shows are all that I totally need to watch! Especially Doctor Who. Everyone has been talking about that show, and same goes for Merlin. Hopefully I'll have some time to watch these! <3

    Have fun watching these shows! =)

  2. OMg omg omg .. watch merlin ... NOW.. So I can fangirl with you! lol I love that show.


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