Monday, June 11, 2012

The Passionate Bookworm

The Passionate Bookworm

Although, I am fairly very new to the book blogging world, I've made some awesome friends on Twitter.  That could be because I'm a Twitter-addict, but oh well.  What can ya do?  Anyhow, I have this certain friend.  And her name is Michelle.  And she runs this GREAT blog over at The Passionate Bookworm.  And as her blog title states, she is passionate about books.
But there's more.  She's also a very talented artist and has an etsy shop over here.  And while she's making all of these amazing tee shirts for all of her adoring and devoted blogger fans, she can't do it all.
So, this is the plan.  All of you reading this go head over to this link: Fundraising/Raffle Giveaway!
It doesn't matter whether it's one dollar or twenty!  Anything you do with help contribute to Michelle's cause.  She wants to keep doing what she loves, but sometimes she's gonna need your help.  And look at all of the pretties she's giving away just because YOU helped do something for her!  It's irresistible!  So, get over there now and help out!  Help be that helping hand.

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