Saturday, June 9, 2012

Revived by Cat Patrick

Sorry for the look of my header image on here.  I'm still trying to figure things out and hopefully I'll be making myself my very own blog button soon!  So, just ignore it at the moment as I review yet another book.
As a little girl, Daisy Appleby was killed in a school bus crash. Moments after the accident, she was brought back to life.
A secret government agency has developed a drug called Revive that can bring people back from the dead, and Daisy Appleby, a test subject, has been Revived five times in fifteen years. Daisy takes extraordinary risks, knowing that she can beat death, but each new death also means a new name, a new city, and a new life. When she meets Matt McKean, Daisy begins to question the moral implications of Revive, and as she discovers the agency’s true goals, she realizes she’s at the center of something much larger — and more sinister — than she ever imagined.

I was instantly hooked when I first saw the cover.  I didn't have to even read what it was about for me to pick it up at my local library.  I knew instantly that I'd be interested and hooked.
Daisy was a very confusing character for me.  She's not exactly timid, but she's quiet and does not make many friends.  She knows that if she dies she can most likely be 'revived' and life will go on as normal and tra la la.  But, she would do things that are wreckless and also out of character, when comparing it to her overall personality.  I have to say she was one of those characters I did not connect with, unfortunately.
Don't get me wrong, though.  Revived was actually a good book.  It wasn't fantastic like WOW that was awesome, but more of okay, good book.  It was something different than what I usually read, which now includes dystopian, but centers around fantasy and action, sometimes even historical.  Putting all of that aside, it was an okay book.
I thought it was pretty cool that there was this drug that could bring people back to life, but there are rules and restrictions to it, some of which I understood and others I didn't necessarily get.  There wasn't any action, really, in this book.  This is more of a mystery, which I thought was interesting.
Overall, this book gets three out of five stars from me.  It was good, but not something I would pick up again.


  1. Great review, Millie :-) I am really looking forward to reading Revived and comparing what I think with what you think. I adore the cover and the premise is certainly intriguing.

    I'm bummed that you didn't connect with the main character, but that's how it goes sometimes.

    Thanks for your honest review! :-)

  2. The reckless thing! Darn it, I forgot to point that out. That was something else I missed out on - how is getting stung by a bee reckless?? I wanted to see...I dunno, cliff diving or something. Something exciting, ya know? It sounds like we felt the same about this one. Blah.
    Great review, I'm now following :)

  3. If you don't know me or, my gosh, are inexplicably not a music fan, that...probably means not a thing to you. Or maybe it sounds weird. Basically it just means that I liked Forgotten and Revived so much that I heard distinctive music while I read. A soundtrack, if you will. I'm a music junkie, yes, but not everything makes me think musically.


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