Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Waiting on Wednesday!

So, here we are with Millie D's Words first official Waiting on Wednesday post!  How exciting is that?  I've had the blog up and running for just about four months now, so I suppose it's about time I get cracking on my weekly memes.

Okay, I could probably dump my entire TBR pile into this post, but it's way too long and has books I should have read ages ago on there.  It's kinda disappointing.

The year is 1876, and there’s something strange and deadly loose in Philadelphia…
Eleanor Fitt has a lot to worry about. Her brother has gone missing, her family has fallen on hard times, and her mother is determined to marry her off to any rich young man who walks by. But this is nothing compared to what she’s just read in the newspaper—
The Dead are rising in Philadelphia.
And then, in a frightening attack, a zombie delivers a letter to Eleanor…from her brother.
Whoever is controlling the Dead army has taken her brother as well. If Eleanor is going to find him, she’ll have to venture into the lab of the notorious Spirit-Hunters, who protect the city from supernatural forces. But as Eleanor spends more time with the Spirit-Hunters, including their maddeningly stubborn yet handsome inventor, Daniel, the situation becomes dire. And now, not only is her reputation on the line, but her very life may hang in the balance.

I seriously, seriously, seriously need to read this book.  It's fabulous, the story and the cover.  I love the idea and I need to get my grabby little reader hands on this.  All I've heard about this is good things and let's just say my hands are getting a bit impatient.

Riley Blackthorne is beginning to learn that there are worse things than death by demon. And love is just one of them...
Seventeen-year-old Riley has about had it up to here. After the devastating battle at the Tabernacle, trappers are dead and injured, her boyfriend Simon is gravely injured, and now her beloved late father’s been illegally poached from his grave by a very powerful necromancer. As if that’s not enough, there's Ori, one sizzling hot freelance demon hunter who’s made himself Riley’s unofficial body guard, and Beck, a super over-protective “friend” who acts more like a grouchy granddad. With all the hassles, Riley’s almost ready to leave Atlanta altogether.
But as Atlanta’s demon count increases, the Vatican finally sends its own Demon Hunters to take care of the city’s “little” problem, and pandemonium breaks loose. Only Riley knows that she might be the center of Hell’s attention: an extremely powerful Grade 5 demon is stalking her, and her luck can't last forever...

Thanks to the awesome Nereyda at Mostly YA Obsessed, I got wind of the first book, The Demon Trappers Daughter by Jana Oliver.  I was instantly hooked and I can't wait to review it.  So, I can't wait to read this one and the other books to come.

And that's it for this week's Waiting on Wednesday!

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